David Chaupis (independent researcher in neuroscience and biotechnology) will speak on the mechanism of action and benefits of Ayahuasca on neurons. It will review its molecular composition and its usefulness in neurodevelopment, giving scope of current scientific research.

Thanks to several studies, it has been discovered that several components of Ayahuasca would modulate neurogenesis on the brain: creation and regeneration of brain neurons and new neuronal connections. Even, and always out of its consumption as a concoction in rituals, it could be used for neuropathologies such as depression and Alzheimer's.

From a scientific and cultural point of view, it must be understood that Ayahuasca can also be used without the need to activate its psychoactive components and outside traditional rituals. It is necessary to empty the stigma of being just a hallucinogenic plant (it is only psychoactive if mixed with other plants), and insert it into the field of nootropics (cognitive enhancers).

Prior to the talk, the specialist in meditative music, Ruy Hinostroza, will give a small concert in which he will play with the vibrations of sound, a concept that will be taken by David Chaupis to integrate it into his dissertation.


David is a researcher  in Neuroscience and Biotechnology, oriented to discover new neuroprotection molecular mechanisms and tissue regenerative medicines. 


He currently serves as director of BiogeniaLab (laboratory of biotechnological innovations) whose inventions have led him to pursue a full scholarship to MIT Media Lab where he reinforced his knowledge about biomaterials and socio-environmental development among local communities.

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