heart expansion retreat

Carolina and Mauricio organize this retreat as part of their search for inner growth and consciousness,

and with the intention of sharing with you a profound experience that brings you closer and closer to your heart.


They will be in charge of guarding the spaces of the activities and guiding you

in the sessions and ceremonies of well-being, personal exploration and expansion of the heart.


Carolina and Mauricio will open their hearts to help you connect with yours.

Carolina Ward

Carolina Ward is a Yoga and meditation instructor, certified by the Yoga Alliance in 2016, with a therapeutic approach to renew the body. She applies breathing and sound healing techniques in her classes to make us travel inward.


She is an Industrial Engineer specialized in working with native Cacao and founder of the raw Conciencia chocolates, with healing and antidepressant effects. She combines raw chocolate in meditations and is a guide to cocoa ceremonies for the opening of our emotions.


She is an agent of change in the conservation of the Amazon, passionate about its medicinal plants and in creating development, education and female empowerment in the Peruvian jungle. She will share with us deep and relaxing experiences, to connect us with Mother Earth and the worldview of Master Plants.

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Mauricio Gil 

Mauricio is a certified breathing coach, under the programs of Life Awareness Project founder Michael Bijker (Breath is Life and Breathwork Instructor Course) and The Whole Health Project (under the Yoga Alliance wing), and meditation coach under the program from the Universidad del Alma de Colombia.


He founded the Amaru Inner Growth Alliance as an extension of his personal quest to know himself, and with the intention of creating bonds between people and practices of well-being and inner growth.


During the retreat, he will be in charge of guiding you in deep sessions of conscious breathing and expansion, with the purpose of establishing new bridges of connection with who you are and with your heart.

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Send us a message for any inquiries you may have about our services and if you will like to work with us as an ally in a retreat or event. We are here to connect with you. 



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