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viaje hacia los elementos sin fecha

The elements are the pillars of our existence. On them we base the creation of every living being. They represent areas in our lives, in our bodies and systems. They make up the eternal cycle of life and death. And each one shares great wisdom from the beginning of time.

As Aidualc Galliani says, the ether represents the spirit that inhabits everything. The primordial energy from where we are born, and we will return. The fire, which follows in density, is the divine spark. The impulse energy that leads us to express ourselves. Air is our mental plane. Where the ideas of all possible perspectives are born. Water represents the emotional body. Organic and irrepressible, sentient and fluid. And the earth, the last in density. Where ideas manifest and take shape. Where we see the conglomerate and tangible energy.

Through movement we can deeply connect with each of the elements. Finding the language they speak from the body. By listening to ourselves only from the plane of logic and reason, we put aside other perspectives of ourselves. Perspectives that show us a path from the heart, from self-love and inner wisdom. The meditative state allows us to turn off the voice of the ego, and begin to listen to that natural rhythm that each one beats. The sound changes our frequency and we release ourselves to its vibration.

In each session we will enter a deep meditative state beginning with a guided meditation, and we will immerse ourselves with the dance to a journey towards each element: The Inner Fire, The Ocean in me, I am Breeze, Deep Roots, The Void. Letting ourselves be carried by the body, listening to its history.



- Journey into the Elements - 

Aidualc Galliani is an artist focused on ceramics. She uses the sculptural work of the earth for the path of healing. Apprentice of magic herbalism, channeling and esotericism.


Aidualc uses different techniques and practices of active dance meditation, breaths and visualizations, together with the sacred space of ritual, creating an intuitive and sensory space. She feels called to create a bridge to reconnect with the spiritual dimension of the earth.


Also, she is the founder of alternative studio ceramics where she integrates interior connection practices with clay construction.

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