The use of different Master Plants during the retreat is intended to balance your body and mind, creating coherent connections between the hemispheres of the brain and heart. These also induce an introspective mood and more awareness of your thoughts and feelings during the awakening and sleeping states. All of them has medicinal uses and spiritual qualities.

The Ayahuasca is on the top of the Master Plant's hierarchy. As our ayahuasquero Javier explain, the Ayahuasca is the mother of them all. This Master Plant has the power to expand your senses and, in that sense, your perception about yourself. The purpose is to go in a deep inner voyage with it.
The Guayusa has been used to increase alertness and energy, but in a calm and serene state. It helps to find hidden meanings of your dreams and facilitates a lucid dream state. Also, it helps to focus in the quality and understanding of your thoughts during the day.
The Bobinsana is part of the Shipibo shamanic tradition. Besides gently energizing body and mind, the Bobinsana can be use to enhance the hallucinogenic properties of the Ayahuasca and to create feelings of wholeness in the individual.
Ajo Sacha helps to purify the organism and prepares body and mind to receive the Ayahuasca in an ease way. It opens up the energy channels of the body and psyche, allowing the person to have daydreaming states during the days of the retreat. In addition, it helps to ground the physical body during the ritual.
Tobacco is an essential part of the main rituals involving other Master Plants, such Ayahuasca. It helps to focus on the present moment and to channel disturbing or incoherent thoughts that may appear during the diet.Tobacco will be the first plant you will have contact with by purging and cleaning your body with it.
Considered as a Master Plant with masculine energy, the Chiric Sanango plant has the attribute to help release blocked emotions as one of their main purposes. In a spiritual level, it gives the sense of profound awareness, appreciation and connection with life. Also, promotes vivid dreams, a realm where the plant works on a subconscious level.
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