From time to time, it's good to go away to places closer to nature, recharge and get more clarity of mind.  


Take the time to disconnect from the daily routine and get closer to your heart and inner self in wonderful locations with nurturing and different practices of wellbeing.

Tarapoto, Peru



- Ayahuasca ceremonies.
- Tobacco purge. 

- Healing Sounds Circle.
- Meditative Hatha Yoga.
- Diet with Master Plants.
- Storytelling session
- The Ayahuasca in Neuroscience.

Take a chance to go beyond your senses.

A seven-day retreat in the rainforest of Peru, including rituals with Ayahuasca together with other nourishing transcendent activities to connect with nature and yourself.

Go beyond your senses and receive the wisdom from the Master Plants.

Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru


- Hatha Yoga
- Pranayama (Yogic breathing)

- Meditations
- The Inner Advisor
- Yoga Nidra
- Healing  Breathwork
- Detox cleansing

- Pachamama Tribute

Align yourself in the embrace of nature.

A six-day retreat in the Peruvian Sacred Valley (Cusco) with practices of Yoga, meditation and Healing Breathwork to recenter, balance and refresh the energies within your body and mind.

 Go beyond the daily routine and focus on your inner growth. 


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Send us a message for any inquiries you may have about our services and if you will like to work with us as an ally in a retreat or event. We are here to connect with you. 



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