Solve the sleeping problems that affect your whole life and take back your performance at work, your relationships as well as your energy levels and your creativity.

Are you a Successful Productive Man who wants to start sleeping well in 21 days even if you haven't done it for years?

You may have tried different techniques before, different medicines and none have worked: this is the Program you need.

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1) Background

Raised in Paris from a French father and a Swedish mother, Antoine studied Business at EM Lyon and has a Master in Management. He is fluent in French, Swedish, English and Spanish.

2) Breakthrough

He met his Coach and Mentor in Thailand, Rafael Aisner, and went through an Inner Work Self-Mastery Program: he finally broke through his last inner limitations in August 2019 and reached a space of Self-Mastery. Among other benefits, he now wakes up every day in a relaxed Body, with an open Heart and a clear Mind. He is an Accredited Practitioner of the Aisner Method.


3) Mission

Today, Antoine is dedicated to helping Successful and Productive men break through their inner limitations and reach their Highest Potential to Thrive in Balance in all dimensions of Life. Since he has applied the Tools he shares in his Program, Antoine has not had a sleepless night for the past 7 years. He holds a Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy with Dan Jones at the Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre and he is an Accredited NLP Master Practitioner by Graham Nicholls.



1) All scientists agree that the long term effects of sleep deprivation are devastating: memory issues, cognitive problems, accidents, weakened immunity, high blood pressure, risk for diabetes, weight gain, low sex drive, risk for heart disease, mood swings, poor balance etc.


2) Around 70 million people in the U.S. have at least one sleep disorder but experts estimate that up to 80% of sleep disorders may go undetected or undiagnosed: this can lead to 1 of the serious conditions listed above. You need to act now and I am here to help you.

3) My whole approach is Holistic: I help each client master their body, emotions and mind and together we go to the roots of your sleeping problems. You may have tried medication and it hasn't solved your problem: I can help.


4) Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, an Employee, or a Business Owner, if you're a Peak PerformerI understand you, and I will give you the Tools to have the best possible sleep in 21 days.


5) Most sleep disorders are linked to an over-active mind that simply won't stop: sounds familiar? My Program will allow you to Stop and Reboot your Mind everyday and experience real daily moments of Inner Peace.

  • Sleep Better Now is NOT for close-minded people and/or people who are not coachable.

  • This program is NOT adapted for people who have a serious medical condition involving specific medication from which they aren't ready to wean off.



(Financial Advisor - Uruguay)

Difficult to find time for ourselves in our busy working schedules!? I am happy I took the time to start this fruitful and rewarding journey with Antoine. Not only do I sleep like a baby every night, but I’ve gotten so many more valuable insights and tools that have changed my life for the better! I highly recommend Antoine as a coach.


(Constructor - Australia)

 I’ve had sleeping problems for years and tried many programs, however Antoine’s program which has steps unlike any other is what really made the difference! It helped me get back on track physically and mentally and most importantly off using Xanax and other prescription sleeping aids! He is very professional and dedicated to his mission to help others which I loved. I highly recommend this program as I’ve tried so many and have almost given up.


(Founder and CEO of 

Mind your Business - France)

Dear Antoine, wanted to share how grateful I am.  Your Sleep Better Now program is a valuable piece of information and technics that helps me to significantly improve the quality of my sleep.  I’d recommend this course to everybody , simple exercice , easy to apply everyday, results almost immediate. 

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$ 297.00



- All the tools you need to get the best possible sleep now with practical exercises and real life examples from Antoine's Experience and Sleep Mastery. 

Value $297


- 3 x 1H Private Coaching Sessions with Antoine  to help you integrate the tools in your busy lifestyle and monitor progress. 

FREE (valued in $300)

- All lessons available in Audio Files: when you buy today, you get access to all the lessons in audio files:

perfect for you to listen in your car, when you’re out running in nature or at home when you’re cooking!  

FREE (valued in $97)


- Lifetime Access to the Facebook Private Group:

continuous support with all questions answered in writing, and weekly videos to answer specific problems that can be useful to everyone!

FREE (valued in $97)

By buying now, here is everything you get: 

  1. Online Program $297

  2. Private Coaching: 3 sessions  - FREE (valued in $300)

  3. All lessons in Audio Files - FREE (valued in $97)

  4. Lifetime Facebook Private Group - FREE (valued in $97)


TOTAL VALUE $791.  You ONLY pay $297. You save $494!