AUGUST 20TH - 27TH 2022

deep journey retreat

A eight-day retreat in the rainforest of Peru, including Ayahuasca ceremonies  together with other nourishing transcendent activities to connect with nature and yourself.

Go beyond your senses and receive the wisdom from the Master Plants.


Amaru, Inner Growth Alliance, facilitates wellness retreats, activities and workshops that help you reach a higher level of awareness and consciousness about yourself and the world around you. Our mission is to provide profound and meaningful experiences to anyone that is seeking to open their mind and heart. We want to provide you with a bridge to connect with your inner self and reach your full potential at a personal and community level. 


Wellness retreats around the world in contact with nature and profound inner growth practices to connect with yourself and others.


In person and online sessions, and programs designed to improve the quality of wellness of your life, with different practices of inner growth and connection between body, mind, emotions and spirit. 



Regain a state of peace, balance and calm in your mind and emotions with the breathing and meditation programs of Mauricio Gil, founder of Amaru, Inner Growth Alliance.


Let us be part of your path in reaching more people with your wellbeing practices. 

Whether you are an organization or an individual, we provide unique, heartfelt and high quality images and videos to help you manifest the growth of your business.