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We believe in practices that help us to reach higher levels of awareness and consciousness as human beings. We believe there are never ending paths of learning how to heal ourselves and connect with others. In this sense, our mission is to provide profound and meaningful experiences to anyone that is seeking to open their minds and hearts. That's why it is so necessary to create an alliance based on respect and understanding about how we can get deeper and feel whole within the universe we are part of it. 

At Amaru we welcome any belief founded in love and unity towards nature and all living beings. This love can become a bridge to personal healing and to a greater clarity on the steps to take to liberate our full potential. It is our intent to be contributors to your personal fulfillment and, together, go beyond our individual egos. We all are interconnected. We are a piece of the same whole.

We are Amaru, Inner Growth Alliance. 



Mauricio Gil Ballón

  • Instagram - Negro Círculo

Founder | Breath Coach


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