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Wellness retreats in different locations of the world with nurturing activities for you to enhance with your body, mind and heart and disconnect from the daily routine. 

From time to time, it's good to go away to places closer to nature, recharge and get more clarity of mind.  


Take the time to disconnect from the daily routine and get closer to your heart and inner self

in wonderful locations with nurturing and different practices of wellbeing.

JUNE 12TH - 18TH 2023
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San Roque de Cumbaza, Peru


- Master Plants ceremonies (2).

- Diet with Master Plants (2 days).

- Tobacco purgue.
- Sound Healing.

- Expansive Breathing.
- Meditation sessions. 

- Flowering bath.

- Treeking to Añakiwi ravine.

- Connection with nature. 

- Cacao Exfoliation.  

Take a chance to go beyond your senses.

A seven-day retreat in the rainforest of Peru, including work with Master Plants together with other nourishing transcendent activities to connect with nature and yourself.

Go beyond your senses and receive the wisdom from the Master Plants.

Tropical Leaves
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San Roque de Cumbaza, Peru


Cacao ceremonies. 

Yoga with chocolate. 

Expansive and conscious breathwork.

Heart meditations. 

Flowering bath. 

Hot stones temazcal.  

Connection with nature.

Connect with the amazonian Cacao and breathe into to your heart.

Renew yourself with wellness practices to reconnect with your self-love,

our center of creation and connection with the world around us.


Expand your vital energy through experiences with the wonderful Cacao, medicinal superfood, Yoga, conscious breathing and the sounds of nature.


Allow your heart to balance your body and mind, purifying us with healthy foods,

along with the powerful vibration of the jungle, a world in constant change and growth.


Expand your heart with us.

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