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Inhale, exhale, connect.

Use your own breath as the foundation for a new connection within yourself and the world around you.

Together with Mauricio Gil, Breath Coach and  founder of Amaru Inner Growth Alliance, experiment different breathing techniques, meditation and mental programming techniques, to find balance and harmony in body and mind.


Book sessions or monthly programs, according to your needs.

Feel better, now.

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Mauricio is founder of Amaru, Inner Growth Alliance and certified breath and  meditation coach and facilitator of Emotional Freedom Techniques.


Schedule sessions with him to learn the power of your own breathing, reduce stress and anxiety and learn techniques to reprogram negative mental patterns.


* Conscious breathing techniques.

* Breathing awareness.

* Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

* Meditation.


Bring attention back to your breathing, and recognize the power it has in our lives. At the body level, when you breathe consciously and in a specific way, it helps to relieve pain, cleanse toxins from the body, alkalinize the blood, raise our energy level, decrease hypertension, strengthen the immune system, while mental and emotional level, it helps us to reduce stress and anxiety, to gain clarity in our thoughts and regulate the way we feel. Our own breathing is capable of taking us on a deep journey of self-discovery, and is essential to consciously enter states of calm and peace.

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