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- Planteamiento de la crisis.
- Herramientas anímicas según cada septenio.
- Comprensión de la crisis.
- Reconocerme. Libertad del ser humano.
- Ritmos y salud.


In the talk Human being: A free being, in a pandemic, Dr. Eduard Plazas will analyze our human condition in the current context of the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and will provide tools for a better understanding of self-knowledge and full awareness from ourselves. The present moment is an opportunity to recognize our own power as individuals and our biological rhythms that, like a personal clock, we can control and adjust in our favor when we have the necessary knowledge to do so. In other words, recognizing our freedom by being able to choose how to respond to the current crisis context.

The analysis will be made from the perspective of Anthroposophical Medicine, which combines traditional medicine with a deeper understanding of our nature as human beings: body, soul and spirit are a unit and cannot be separated to understand our human condition and individual characteristics that concern our health. Good health (physical, mental, emotional) means a balance between these three elements and, even more so, in the current context of a pandemic. Thus, the talk of Dr. Eduard Plazas will serve as a first approach to this understanding and how to apply it in the current moment of pandemic crisis.


During the workshop, there will be space to ask questions about the topic.



1. Physician and Surgeon - Universidad del Cauca (Colombia).


2. Master in integration and resolution of clinical problems in medicine - University of Alcalá (Spain).


3. Diploma in Basic and Clinical Immunology - Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (Peru).


4. Studies in Public Health, Evidence-Based Medicine and Biostatistics - University of Torino (Italy)


5. Anthroposophic Doctor - Dornach International Certificate - Switzerland


6. Integrative oncology.


7. Dornach International Certified School Physician - Switzerland


 For 4 years, he has been accompanying Waldorf initiatives in Peru. In addition, Eduard  is a school doctor from two schools and I give talks on all initiatives, for children, teachers and parents.

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""All available medical knowledge is expanded from a psychic-spiritual perspective, enriched by an acute intuition and individualized for each patient." 

- Dr. Eduard Plazas - 


Knowledge has always been a great motivation for the Human Being. Unfortunately in his search, man has suffered a separation in the understanding, understanding and approach of his two natures, the spiritual and the physical. This is how today, on the one hand, we see a cold, limited and supra-specialized medicine that ignores everything that goes beyond the physical body; and on the other, an isolated spirituality, confined to the religious and independent of natural processes. But is it possible to heal the body without touching the soul? Can the soul fulfill its purpose in a sick body? What is the true meaning behind each disease?

These mysteries have accompanied Eduard throughout his life; leading him to deepen his academic training and his inner journey. This is how he became a lover of the natural sciences, as well as spiritual science; seeking to make medical practice a true art of healing.

"All available medical knowledge is expanded from a psychic-spiritual perspective, enriched by an acute intuition and individualized for each patient". This is how each of your queries is developed. With this method, he has been able to accompany, for years, patients with all kinds of illnesses, physical and mental. From a cold or allergy to cancer, everything makes sense, when viewed from a broader perspective. In this way, the disease is discovered as a path; managing to glimpse what our destiny is and how karma intervenes to reach it.

"You don't have to be sick to consult". Our diet, relationships (even with ourselves), lifestyle and also the degree of consciousness; they profoundly affect each system of our body and directly on the psychic-spiritual development of our life. The goal is not only focused on treating the disease, but also on generating health. Eduard promotes in each case, valuable tools that not only lead us to be good with ourselves, but also become pillars to take care of our health and when the disease arrives, they appeal to our natural capacity for self-healing.

It would not be a comprehensive approach without considering the entire family. In the case of the little ones (and the not so young), Eduard offers a range of possibilities, both for the treatment of increasingly frequent pathologies such as ADHD, autism, etc., and for the accompaniment of parents, in the process parenting. For this, the child is placed in the center and organized around him, each network (family, friends, school, etc.), so that he finds the prenatal and post natal tools, through education, for the development of the being full human. In short, the child's karma is aligned, seeking that the child has the means to reach his destiny.

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