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Mauricio Gil, founder of Amaru Inner Growth Alliance, organize this retreat as part of his search for inner growth and consciousness, and with the intention of sharing with you a profound experience that brings you closer to your heart.


Together with the ayahuasquero Javier Zavala, the psychotherapist William Bradley and the owners and founders of Chirapamanta Lodge, he will be in charge of guarding the spaces of the activities and guiding you in the sessions and ceremonies of wellbeing, personal exploration and expansion of the heart.


Mauricio will open his heart to help you connect with yours.

Mauricio Gil 

Mauricio is a certified Breath Coach, under the programs of Soma Breath, O2 Collective from Dan Brule, one of the pioneers breathworkers in Occident, the Life Awareness Project founded by Michael Bijker (Breath is Life and Breathwork Instructor Course) and The Whole Health Project (under the Yoga Alliance wing). He provides personal breathing sessions and also for companies. He is a meditation coach under the program from the Universidad del Alma from Colombia.


He founded Amaru Inner Growth Alliance as an extension of his personal quest to know himself, and with the intention of creating bonds between people and practices of well-being and inner growth.


During the retreat, he will be in charge of guiding you in deep sessions of Conscious Breathing, Expansive Breathing and meditation, with the purpose of establishing new bridges of connection with who you are and with your heart.

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Javier Zavala

Javier has more than 30 years of experience leading Ayahuasca rituals. He is part of the ancestral and traditional lineage and learning in the use of Ayahuasca as a Master Plant. He has acquired his knowledge from different teachers who have been watching his evolution, as well as their preparation in the solitude of the mountain for long periods of time, where Javier diet, learned and received the secrets from the Master Plants to become an ayahuasquero. He is in charge of the rituals and Master Plant diet.

William Bradley

Bill is a clinical social worker with over 40 years of experience in psychotherapy hypnosis and Buddhist meditation. He has a long history of working with psychedelics both personally and professionally. Bill will be leading 3 group discussions during the retreat with exercises designed to help process and clarify the experience. He will also be available for personal consultation and coaching as needed.

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Claudia & Javier

Claudia and Javier, founders of Chirapamanta Lodge, lead the Healing Sounds Circle, the flowering bath, the Cacao exfoliation and the trekking in nature. In the Sounds Circle they use their knowledge together with several ancestral instruments from around the world to take you in a special inner journey.

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