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Circulo Sonidos Ruy AMaru
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Ruy Hinostroza will create a vibrational space for you to experience and access a deep meditative state through the use of different instruments. He will guide you in a self-discovery voyage for you to heal,

release and connect through sound.

It is in this state of alpha brain waves (deep relaxation) where we can have greater mental and emotional openness to recognize negative patterns, which may be blocking a greater sense of peace in our lives. However, it is not only about intense healing, but also about enjoying: each person will have a different experience with the Sounds Circle. The intention will always be to grow inwardly.

Each instrument vibrates at a certain frequency and, therefore, each of them activates us differently as well.

Thus, the instruments used by Ruy range from the didgeridoo and Tibetan bowls, through space compositions with electronic music, to the Andean quena, guitars, drums and others.

The Circle of Sounds is aimed at anyone who wants to expand their mind and heart, whether they have experience in these types of practices or if they just started. Both Ruy and Amaru, Inner Growth Alliance, invite you to explore the capabilities of your mind and connect with your inner world through music-guided meditation.



Ruy Hinostroza is a published musician, with records on meditative and relaxation music. He has released 3 albums already: Anahata (2015), Círculo de Sonidos (2016) and Un Paseo por el Cosmos (2017). All of them are available in Spotify for you to listen. 

Ruy practice Tibetan meditation since 2011 and he has received training  by monks from Thailand through the Peace Revolution scholarship.


In the Sounds Circle, Ruy puts together all his musical experience with several ancestral instruments with his meditation expertise to take you in a special inner journey.

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