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Journey into Calmness Invitation
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In Journey to Calmness we will carry out three different practices to reduce the stress and anxiety that we may have, connect with ourselves and align mind and heart, in order to achieve a pleasant state of peace. We will perform Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), followed by a short active breathing exercise, ending with a guided visualization meditation.


EFT is based on the Chinese tradition of vital energy (Qi) together with specific affirmations to deprogram the mental patterns that we have engraved on our subconscious mind. Thus, it must be understood that each negative emotion and negative pattern is a blockage or malfunction of the different vital systems (respiratory, hormonal, muscular, nervous, etc.), where these programs accumulate and prevent us from feeling good: these systems are like the great energetic highway of our body. EFT activates certain points to unlock this road and stimulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic system, which are in charge of all involuntary functions, such as the conditioning we have towards stress. As cell biologist Bruce Lipton mentions, EFT helps rewrite those negative programs in our body and unconscious.


For its part, the active breathing exercise will help us to oxygenate our brain and, thus, each of our cells. Oxygen is the essential energy that we breathe and, when taken more actively and consciously, it opens doors to new sensations and perceptions about ourselves.


Finally, the guided meditation will be focused on active imagination: visualizing and feeling scenarios to bring power back within ourselves, sow new intentions that we want to manifest in our lives, and give ourselves to a new state of calm.


In other words, focus on the here and now. Journey to Calmness is suitable for all levels of meditation.



Mauricio founded Amaru, Inner Growth Alliance with the intention of bringing people closer to experiences and practices of self-discovery and healing, several of which he himself has experienced and uses in his own growth path.

He believes that Amaru, Inner Growth Alliance can be a bridge between deep techniques and traditions with people willing to open their hearts and minds, just as he tries to do it day by day, in an endless lesson of life.


He has complete certification courses, is an student of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as a facilitator, certified breath coach, and has developed his own method of meditation guidance to help people to find peace within themselves. 


The work I do with Mauricio is almost intermediate. I am going through difficult moments and each session with him helps me a lot to fix my thoughts in the present, let out anxiety and find the light that I keep and everyone keeps within. It is opening my eyes to that part of me that my ego doesn't want me to pay attention. I highly recommend Mauricio's accompaniment. The sessions are short and at the same time very deep, intense, relaxing. Each logout with him is a respite amid so much pandemic and concern


I had the session with Mauricio, which was incredible for me. I arrived with a topic that I wanted to discuss and I left totally liberated, calm, feeling at peace with myself. I highly recommend it to anyone to release all the feelings we have stagnant. It also helped me a lot in this quarantine time to feel calmer and more connected to myself. Mauricio is a super guide and he will make you feel safe and accompanied. I recommend it.


I did the workshop with Mauricio and it was incredible. It was a moment of contact with myself and my stressful emotions to let go. Little by little, these were replaced by feelings of peace and joy. I was filled with positive energy. Spectacular. Super recommended.


For me Mauricio was very right from the beginning. He listened to me, was able to put himself in my place and quickly found the right techniques for me. The practice is a wonderful, healing and, most importantly, personalized experience.


I took the session with Mauricio and, although I am a total neophyte in these practices, I felt in an environment of great confidence and relaxation. It was very productive to find myself again, and to focus on the problems and ideas that afflict me. Facing that voice that sometimes blocks you from day to day is really gratifying, because it allows you to recognize how much you are worth as a person. That day I slept very relaxed and calm, as I did not do a long time ago. Very grateful for the experience.


I felt a lot of peace. It felt like a reset of my spirit, as if it were starting again. Thank you very much for the guide and help.


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