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These partners are essential for Amaru, Inner Growth Alliance and they are considered as part of our family.

We connect and align our purpose together to bring you high quality content and substance in all of our activities. 


Darte, in Spanish, means ‘to give’. The purpose of this project is to give people the tools to live happier lives, starting with the food they bring into their homes. Priscilla started this project after a few years of experimenting in farms, restaurants, and digging deep into her own relationship to what it means to eat and nourish. She believes the key to food is simplicity. Less, being truly more. Her cooking philosophy is “keep it simple", loving ingredients in their rawest forms possible.


In her path, she was lucky to stage at Silo, the UK’s first zero-waste restaurant and one of the pioneers in the future of food. She brings this passion to Darte, making it her goal to provide people with fresh, natural, organic and local food in a zero waste system, changing how we eat, one person at a time. Darte partners with Amaru to provide delicious and natural food for events, and close the bridge between wellness, community and everyday living.

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