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No matter how small or big your company is, we want to help its members to reduce stress and anxiety and for them to reach a new level of awareness and integration within your company's culture. Give them the opportunity to increased their creativity, productivity, calmness and collaboration among their piers. 

Our single sessions, weeks programs and retreats are designed to improve the sense of wellbeing and harmony of your team members, and for them to discover new ways and knowledge to has a better life. 


We offer different kind of single sessions with qualified guides with the purpose to reduce stress and provide meaningful experiences to your team members. 

We will do the sessions through Zoom or maintaining social distances with all health protocols



We offer 4 to 8 weeks programs for your team to experience, in a regular basis, different techniques to enhance their body and mind, together with talks to gain relevant knowledge to apply in their lives


Give your team a chance to boost their confidence and sense of wellbeing and to reduce stress and anxiety.  

We will do the sessions through Zoom or maintaining social distance with all health protocols.


We organize wellness retreats in different locations of Perú, Lima, and online also (the pandemic will not stop us).


The members of your team will find a space of tranquility, integration and disconnection from the daily routine.

Each retreat features relaxation, healing, and personal self-discovery activities.



Darte, Conciencia Chocolate and Amaru, Inner Growth Alliance, team up to create and hold an uplifting space for your team members to experience meditation, Yoga and a healthy and delicious Brunch (deliver to you with all the sanitary protocols). 


Patricia Muñoz

CEO - Lukoll

“In a time as difficult as the current one, we needed tools to collaborate with the team (and with ourselves, of course) in the search for a space of peace and balance. We were lucky enough to contact Mauricio Gil, who with Amaru, Inner Growth Alliance project, has been developing a meditation workshop for the team. It has been so successful that we have asked  to continue the workshop. In my personal experience, it has helped me a lot, it is a space for peace, to find myself and learn breathing / meditation techniques that I can develop at any time, and that help us manage the stress and anxiety typical of these times . It's what I needed, and it's what our team needed "

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